Computer betting predictions

Welcome to our site for computer-generated football betting predictions. Here you can find our betting tips with percentages and probabilities for more than forty different types of bets in seven games. Most of the betting predictions we made are for the matches from Premier League in England, probably the most interesting championship for betting worldwide. Of course, our goal is to develop and at a certain moment we would be able to offer computer betting predictions for football matches from other big championships in Europe and worldwide.

What can you find on the site? A total of seven different games are covered in each publication. These are the Winner of the match, Double chance, Draw no bet and Asian Handicap for the winner in the match. In our site you could also find probabilities for the various outcomes for Winning margin, the final result combined with under or over 2.5 goals in the match and the probabilities for a team to win the match to nil.

For each possible outcome we will offer you a percentage probability which multiplied by the odds proposed by your bookmaker would give you information about is your bet worth or not.

One of the most important issues is how we calculate our probability rates. With few words, we’ve made a computer program that calculates some statistical data and simulates the matches to provide the rates.

Broadly speaking, football is a game of goal attempts and goals. These two are the key statistics we use to determine the probabilities of the various betting options. It is clear that if a team is more effective in the implementation of its goal attempts, it would be stronger. The opposite is also true, even if a team has thirty goal attempts in every match, but it fails to realize them it would most likely lose the match. That’s why we decided to use statistic for goals and goal attempts which are the ultimate measure of which team will win the match. The data for our computer based betting predictions for football matches we take from

Once we have the needed statistics, our computer program played a million variations of the forthcoming match and records and analyzes the data. This data is what we offer you on the site.

It is important to note that this program for computer betting predictions is in a trial mode and its accuracy is still being analyzing. That’s why we created this site with idea to show you step by step how our program evolves and how far it would go.

To make this site really useful for all lovers of sports betting, you can find other useful for the bettors stuff like live scores for football and basketball matches, results from all major tennis tournaments and much more. All this data is taken from Moreover, on the site you could find the best odds offered by the bookmakers for more than 500 matches daily, as well as additional information about each bookmaker and the pros and cons of using it.

If this experiment is interesting for you and you have something to say us, you could contact us and we will be pleased to see how we can cooperate.

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Instead of a conclusion, we would like to share our opinion that sports betting should be played only for fun. This is a dangerous hobby which if goes out of control can lead to serious consequences for you and your family. More information about what to do in such situation can be seen at GamCare and Gambling Therapy.